natalie ranae

contemporary creations for the home 

I'm Natalie - a maker and artist exploring the art of macrame in the contemporary home with my company Natalie Ranae.

There has always been a drive deep within me to create. Ever since I was young, creating has been a defining part of my life and a form of expression, even when words fail. I find inspiration in all that surrounds me and my eye is drawn to the beautiful details. I love the art of expression through line and pattern and I aim for my work to bring texture and life to a space.

I love sharing and teaching others about my craft and showing them the therapeutic qualities in the repetition of macrame, the pride that is found in the finished piece, and it's endless possibilities that call you back to create more and more.

After completing my Bachelors of Design from OCAD University, and then working as a jeweller and goldsmith for a few years, it has been so empowering getting to choose what I wanted my life to look like. I am working from home (the dream), for myself (also the dream) surrounded by my three kitties--is this a dream? When I'm not making or working on growing my business you can find me doing endless DIY's with my husband for our almost 100 year old house, volunteering locally or watering all of my plants. Who says you can't be a crazy cat and plant lady?!

Custom work available upon request. Feel free to contact me at hello@natalieranae.com
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    Follow your passions no matter what, everything will fall into place.