Breathing Life into Your Space in the Dead of Winter

Even though there isn't much snow on the ground here, I'm already missing the sunshine and beautiful greenery that comes with the other seasons. That's why I feel winter really is the perfect time to breathe some life into your space. Adding greenery to your house or workspace is my favourite way to liven up a room, especially since some plants even purify the air! 

I think the Lattice Plant Hanger I made is a unique way to introduce some new greenery to your home - or to showcase a plant you already have. It's beautiful, directional details are accented with cute floral clusters that cascade accross the wall hanging, adding texture and warmth. Combining a wall hanging and a plant hanger is great because you get the benefits of both and it brings greenery off of a floor or table and into your eyeline.


I think surrounding yourself with plants is good for the soul. But be warned! Your house may soon turn into a jungle. They say you can have either cats or plants, but I say have a bunch of both!

- natalie







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