The Act of Creating

There is something to be said about the physical act of making, or creating something with your own hands.  It is so rewarding, espeically in this day and age where most of what we interact with is ditigal, or on a device of some sort. 

Everything I create starts as an idea that came from some sort of inspriation. Now turning that idea into a physical thing is something of true beauty.  Every action is one step forward that begins to unveil something that began as inspriation and slowly becomes a reality.  For me, each knot becomes part of a larger pattern. I love the proccess of making. It can be very theraputic and just straight food for my soul. 

Everyones creative process is different, but I love finding inspiration in my everyday surroundings, and in nature. Sometimes I sketch ideas for patterns and pieces and other times I love to experiment and play with the rope and see what comes forth.

For this piece, I had a vision in mind, and knot by knot it became everything I envisioned!

Here is a quick time laspe video of me working on this wall hanging:

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  • Annette Ellis

    Fabulous work! Do you have a template for this wall hanging you wouldn’t mind sharing?

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